Newport Folk Festival, come and play
28-30 June 2019

Performer application 2020

Before you apply...

Melbourne, Australia1. Make sure you're applying for the right festival. This one is in Melbourne, Australia.
(Yes we know, there's another much bigger festival with the same name in the USA.)

2. Read this list of the festival aims. One of the questions below relates to these aims, so you'll need to read them.

Our Aims

3. Scroll down and read the questions before you start filling in the form.
Please note that you need a short biog for you/your group, a photo, a phone number and an email address - you can't submit the form without those.

Applications close Weds 22 January.

Performer application form 2020

Please fill the form below and click once on 'Apply'. You will be contacted by the NFFC if any clarification is required.

* denotes a required field
* Name of the performer or group
Act name must be at least 2 characters long
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* Contact person
Contact name must be at least 2 characters long
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* Contact phone number
Phone number should have at least 8 digits, and not contain letters, spaces or dashes.
* Contact email address
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* Confirm contact email address
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* Biography
This is what will appear in the Festival program if you are selected as a performer. Please provide a brief biography/description of your act (limit 320 characters - approx 50 words).
Bio too short
Bio must not be longer than 320 characters
Group members
You can leave this blank if you're a solo performer
Member names must not be longer than 320 characters
Please tell us about your act (e.g., style of music, type of dance) with enough detail for us to form a clear idea of what you offer
Description must not be longer than 320 characters
What you offer the Festival
Please describe how your act will contribute to the aims of the Festival Opens in new tab)
Must not be longer than 320 characters
Website address must not be longer than 80 characters
Requires a valid web address e.g.
If you have any online examples of your music or performance (e.g. YouTube video, SoundCloud clip, MySpace etc) please enter the links here. Hint: you can copy and paste from the address bar of your browser. We strongly advise you to include at least one example of what you do.
Must not be longer than 320 characters
What else can you offer?
Would you be able to lead a workshop, a dance session or any other event beyond your normal performance? If so enter it here.(max 50 words):
Must not be longer than 320 characters
Technical requirements
Please list the number of microphones, direct instrument inputs and any other technical requirements for your performance.
Must not be longer than 320 characters
Are there any times during the Festival when you are not available? Please list them here. Leave blank if you are available for the entire Festival.
Must not be longer than 320 characters
Payment expectations
Please note that we are a small non-profit festival so please bear this in mind when stating a fee. We consider all fees negotiable.
NFFC member artists are not normally paid for a festival performance. This is because the festival is primarily a celebration of local music by club members, and the club is the host providing an opportunity to perform.
Must not be longer than 320 characters
Newport Fiddle and Folk Club Membership
Tick this box if you are a member of the NFFC.
* Photo
Please provide a performer photograph (please only supply jpg, gif or png file format - max allowable size is 2 MB)
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Link to high quality photo (optional)
If you have a higher quality performer photo on a website, you may supply a link here
photo URL must not be longer than 256 characters
photo url should be a valid web address e.g.
Submit application
Once the form is completed, please click the 'Apply' button below to submit your application.
If the button is greyed out, please check for errors or missing information in the form ( * ). Thank you, your application has been submitted.
We will email you within a week of your application to confirm that your application has been received.
Contact us if you don't receive a confirmation.


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We will only contact you on Festival or Folk Club business and not for any other purpose.