Newport Folk Festival, come and play
23 and 24 June 2023

About us

The festival is held in late June/early July every year, in Newport (Melbourne, Australia).

It is an activity of the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club.

The Club Committee supervises the management of the Festival.

Selection of performers and performer liaison is managed by a Festival Committee which meets for approximately 5 months before the Festival.

Key people

The creative direction of the Festival is in the hands of the Festival Director, Michael Stewart.

The Festival logistics are managed by the Festival Manager,
Sue Davies.

Our Aims

Our Invitation

Come and Play!

Why we're different

The Festival is not like most festivals that have a commercial focus and seek to attract large crowds by recruiting well-known musicians. Rather, the Festival primarily exists for members of the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club and the local community to celebrate, participate and enjoy local music.

Quota for members

Therefore, to showcase local music, the festival aims to have 60% of the performance slots and workshops spaces for members of the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club. These will be offered to club members early in each year.


The Club also welcomes applications from non-members to perform at the Festival. We will seek to ensure a balance of musical styles and entertainment value for festivalgoers.

Application Process

All applications must be made via our online application form. The Festival Committee will form a selection panel to consider the applications. Applications received after the published due date will not be considered.