Newport Folk Festival, come and play
29 June - 1 July 2018


The Newport Folk Festival is created, managed and enjoyed by our hard working committee.  Their first meeting in November began the planning process and they will continue to meet until August when the final reports are written and presented.  If you are interested in learning more about the committee have a chat to one of the committee members – they will be very pleased to tell you the festival story, and give you an insight into the process of creating this year’s Newport Folk Festival. 

The Committee (from left):  Michael Stewart – Director, Sue Davies - Manager, Molly Galea – Quality, Suzie Pearce – Marketing, Irene Laing – Volunteers, Jane Taylor – Assistant to Director, Chris Phillips – Performer Management, Noel Landry (front) OH&S.

Festival Position Descriptions

If you're already read this introduction in the email we sent out, skip to the Position Descriptions.

When the Folk Festival first started in 2008, one person (Michael Stewart) organised the whole thing.
As the festival has grown, others have come on board to help with the work, but the main planning, organisation and co-ordination tasks are still done by a very small group of people.
This is not sustainable.

New vision

For next year’s festival, we have re-imagined how it’s going to work. We have looked at all the jobs that need to be done and written them down in the form of Position Descriptions – yes, just like a job except the reward is just being involved.

Position Descriptions

The Position Descriptions set out the tasks, skills required and time commitment, so it should be easy to choose one that suits you. We encourage all members and friends to look through the Position Descriptions and consider applying for one.
You’ll notice that we’ve created a new vision of the Festival Committee – it will do a lot more than just choose the performers for the festival. The Committee will actively plan and carry out all the major elements of the festival, from publicity to risk management to getting the PA gear right.

Sustainable club and festival

We think this is an essential step forward for the future of the festival. No event should be so dependent on so few people. It’s part of a new aim we’re working on for the Folk Club as a whole – to make the Club sustainable in the long term by getting more members actively involved in the ongoing management and planning of the Club’s activities.

Position Descriptions